libimobiledevice  1.3.0
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 afc.hAccess the filesystem on the device
 companion_proxy.hCompanion proxy support
 debugserver.hCommunicate with debugserver on the device
 diagnostics_relay.hRequest iOS diagnostic information from device
 file_relay.hRetrieve compressed CPIO archives
 heartbeat.hSend "heartbeat" to device to allow service connections over network
 house_arrest.hAccess app folders and their contents
 installation_proxy.hManage applications on a device
 libimobiledevice.hDevice/Connection handling and communication
 lockdown.hManage device preferences, start services, pairing and activation
 misagent.hManage provisioning profiles
 mobile_image_mounter.hMount developer/debug disk images on the device
 mobileactivation.hHandle device activation and deactivation
 mobilebackup.hBackup and restore of all device data
 mobilebackup2.hBackup and restore of all device data (mobilebackup2, iOS4+ only)
 mobilesync.hSynchronize data classes with a device and computer
 notification_proxy.hObserve and post notifications
 preboard.hService to 'preboard' a device, which allows to ask for passcode during firmware updates
 property_list_service.hDefinitions for the PropertyList service
 restore.hInitiate restore process or reboot device
 sbservices.hManage SpringBoard icons and retrieve icon images
 screenshotr.hRetrieve a screenshot from device
 service.hGeneric basic service implementation to inherit
 syslog_relay.hCapture the syslog output from a device
 webinspector.hWebKit Remote Debugging